Preschool Jungle Theme & Pre K Themes For Kids

Published: 17th September 2008
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Preschool Jungle Theme: Preschool Theme Activities Related to the Jungle

Let's go for a safari ride in the jungle with our preschool class & this Jungle theme activity. It's going to be so much fun!

Here are some ideas on how to get your jungle theme started and some ideas to keep it going for as long as your Pre K class is interested.

Pre K Jungle Theme Ideas:

-introduce the word jungle and give a brief description of what it is

-have books in library and read books on the jungle (age appropriate)

-have jungle pictures posted around the classroom

-have jungle animal toys on the toy shelf

-have jungle themed puzzles

-play jungle music

What animals live in the jungle and what do they eat?:

-panthers (eat meat or other animals)

-snakes (eat rodents or frogs, some large snakes eat large animals)

-bears (eat fish, nuts, berries, honey, leaves)

-monkeys (eat fruits)

-zebras (zebras eat tall grass)

-giraffes (eat leaves off of tall trees)

-elephants (eat leaves from trees, shrubs, and shoots)

-cheetahs (eat meat or other animals)

-alligators (eat meat or other animals)

-rhinoceros (eat plants)

-birds (eat insects and seeds)

-hippopotamus (eat grass)...etc.

What does a jungle look like?:

-have books and pictures that have real life images of the jungle

-have the children explain what they see in the pictures and talk about the pictures with the children(check our site for coloring pictures or games which include jungle animals)

Explaining where the animals live in a jungle?:

-the animals will find homes within their habitat (the jungle) which they make into a home for them and their families.

-this could be a nest, a den, a burrow, under a rock, in a hollow tree trunk, etc.

-you can have a jungle themed dramatic play center

-make a car out of a box

-get some safari looking hats

-children's binoculars

-pretend cameras

-post jungle animals on the wall and watch your pre k children go on a jungle safari

Have fun in the preschool jungle using this preschool theme that the kid's will love! For Other Great Preschool Themes visit:

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